IT.Business Consulting

For the company and its resources and services, this means interdisciplinary collaboration and communication in the development of new solutions to achieve

best process excellence and high availability = optimised IT

Business Continuity Management (BCM)

In the field of BCM n.runs jointly develops economically viable and technologically sustainable strategies, plans, actions and processes, including emergency management processes, to safeguard your business continuity and the associated IT resources. We believe it is important to ensure that the state-of-the-art security measures that we develop with you, your staff and even your suppliers and service partners are based on proven assessments, audits and market monitoring and that they are re-usable.

We do this by giving you access to our broad expertise in analysis methods such as threat analyses or business impact analyses (BIA), capability maturity model integration (CMMI), audits and reviews (e.g. ISO 27001), on-the-job training etc. In collaboration with you we develop solutions to identify and eliminate the weaknesses in your IT infrastructures, architectures and business processes or potential points of vulnerability in your organisation and to provide long-term protection against future attacks and undesirable or unforeseeable influences.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Integrated business process management from the viewpoint of the user, software developer and IT staff is one of the challenges in modern-day IT. We monitor and evaluate the initial business process situation with all stakeholders, process owners and resources to establish how the participants can optimally collaborate in specific situations and develop new solutions for your organisation and integrated shared services.

The objective is to develop solutions which facilitate the optimum integration of all process participants in a modern and sustainable process architecture. Then your existing business processes can be flexibly and quickly adapted to market changes with best excellence maturity.

IT Strategy Consulting

Growth, mergers, restructuring projects and innovations are just some of the many factors of influence and performance measurement in modern IT infrastructures at global enterprises. 

An efficient IT infrastructure doesn’t just mean efficient IT operations, but IT operations that can be flexibly adapted to market changes and resulting business requirements on the basis of strategic process models. This means it has to be integrated, sustainable, flexible and efficient.

In projects to improve cost efficiency, the n.runs consultants never view IT as a stand-alone cost factor but as a tool for reducing your organisation's overall process costs. In this connection it is also necessary to ascertain the level of IT availability that is necessary to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

Project Management

In projects, the n.runs consultants are generally supported by a project manager who manages either the project or the work packages that n.runs is responsible for. The project manager uses proven project management methods and is either integrated in the team or provides external support as a coach. The responsibilities of the n.runs project manager extend from project office to programme and multi-project management, covering all services in the n.runs business segments.

n.runs project managers aren’t just hands-on project participants, they also act as auditors monitoring the individual project phases from the outset of the project or from mid-way through he project. For example, they perform BIAs to ascertain potential for improvement and collaborate with you to develop sustainable methods and processes - including the definition of re-audits - on a best practices basis. In this way, the n-runs consultants support your organisation in achieving best excellence in project management.

Quality, Audit & Test Management

The introduction of new and modern business processes and IT architectures isn’t the only challenge. Another important aspect is the long-term assurance of their quality and implementability in your organisation.

The priority objective is always to permanently safeguard the solutions and integrated business processes that we develop with our customers and to use appropriate state-of-the art quality methods in a GMP-oriented, rational and efficient way.

Requirement Engineering & Management

Project progress comes to a standstill, integration fails, business processes in new software are defective ...

... our n.runs consultants see these and similar problems in customer organisations time after time. The necessary requirements analysis and relevant documentation, product and process descriptions are often incompletely documented or incorrectly archived.

That’s why we only use methods that are comprehensible and can be used time after time in your organisation. We perform a qualified requirements analysis with you and use the results as the basis for a comprehensive description of quantitative and qualitative requirements. Why?

Because the success of IT projects depends on the system analysis, which is the basis for the defect-free development and integration of your new solution.


There is one requirement that applies across the board, whether we are integrating existing heterogeneous systems in a mainframe or mid-range architecture or - supported by new technologies - developing architecture concepts such as cloud, EAI-designed or modernised IT with integrated service-oriented architecture.

The architecture has to be designed to your organisation’s specific requirements, deliver high availability, long-term security and be flexibly adaptable. It also has to collaborate with new media and partner system interfaces.

In simple terms, the architecture has to have an integral concept, high availability and economic sustainability in operation.

The n.runs consultants analyse your IT architecture according to state-of-the-art requirements and global organisation business processes. They focus on full collaboration and consistency of the business, development and operational processes and the systems involved to deliver sustainable, optimum utility and availability.


No IT security = no business continuity...

...without valid governance, policies and compliant instructions to IT staff, process owners and participating internal and external shared services.

No organisation or manager likes to admit that the security measures they have taken are not adequate, that there are gaps in governance compliance and that the affected business processes are invalid.

We collaborate with you to analyse your security gaps, defective processes and systems with the help of forensic methods. These include some of the most up-to-date analysis and survey methods. Then we define secure and practical solutions, taking your specifications into account, and integrate them as quickly as possible to safeguard your long-term success.

Monitoring & Review

We analyse your business and IT processes, systems and shared services either after the implementation of our new solutions or as the result of observations and re-audits. Our n.runs consultants use state-of-the-art tools and monitoring systems to observe your business processes, systems and services. We also support our customers as product-independent service provider and advisor in the selection of suitable monitoring products and tools.

You can request us to audit your suppliers and the associated service agreements, service levels, software licenses and help you to develop tools and documents that will sustainably adapt your business processes to satisfy all requirements of your ideal IT.

We also support you in the selection and development of suitable key performance indicators or audit methods and standards which you can use for the effective assessment and fast optimisation of your IT operations in correlation with the associated business processes.

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