Google Apps Certified Sales Specialist & Subject Matter Expert

It is always a pleasure to be invited to participate in a beta program and particularly satisfying when you’re amongst the first in the world to qualify for a certification. Even more rewarding is being recognised as a subject matter expert by being invited to be part of the handful of professionals, that contributed to the thought process that set the passing score for the google apps experts certification exam.

So, I am particularly excited to announce passing this certification and being part of an elite group of professionals who are the first in the world to attain the certification. I would like to thank the Google Enterprise team for allowing me to participate in the process of selecting the exam questions and contribute to setting the passing score for this exam.


Google strives to develop and improve it’s channel to support the adoption of Google Apps for Business so launching a new Google Apps Certified Sales Specialist program is a natural evolution of the Google Apps Authorised Reseller Program. The Google apps Certified Sales Specialist exam certifies sales professionals who demonstrate the skill and knowledge required to sell Google Apps for Business.

Amplify your story on social media channels.

With travel being one of the most popular topics on Facebook, having a page for your property is a must. But in order to really engage travel shoppers on Facebook you need to take full advantage of all of its visual storytelling features – from an interesting cover photo to multi-media apps to regular photo posts on your

Sound like a lot of work social media marketing for it companies

It’s not when you’re using the social media features of Vizlly, Leonardo’s Multi-Channel Digital Marketing System. With Vizlly’s Social Media module, you can create and publish multi-media driven apps that:

Tell your property’s story and let your Facebook page visitors explore and experience your property right on the page
Turn your Facebook page into a booking conversion tool with a booking widget on each multi-media driven app
Drive bookings with timely and targeted special offers
Keep your Facebook page and your property’s story fresh, current, and looking good

Whiteboard video interviews

The most widely recognized undertakings allotted at the whiteboard are reviewing calculations and composing them without bug on the whiteboard.

There’s typically a component of time weight. In the event that you don’t recall the calculation or never learned it (i.e. never had an utilization for it), your questioner may push you to figure your way into a working usage.

Your questioner will likely get some information about time many-sided quality, checking whether you can lessen the time it takes to run your calculation from say O(n log(n)) to O(n).

Also, recollect this is a whiteboard video — not a code manager. You can’t really run the code to check whether it works, not to mention benchmark it. So your questioner serves as judge, jury and (truly) killer of your code.

The uplifting news is you can get ready for whiteboard interviews, much the same as you can pack for a school selection test. Also, there’s a cabin industry of books and sites pointed particularly at helping you expert the whiteboard meeting process.

Whiteboard inquiries addresses for the most part originate from an anticipated pool of around 200 inquiries, the arrangements of which are all accessible in Cracking the Code Interview. This book is the nearest thing to a whiteboard meeting playbook. Its creator composed it based off of her experience talking with designers for Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple.

Obviously, your questioner is under no commitment to solicit you one from those inquiries you so perseveringly arranged for. In case you’re unfortunate, they could request that you work out a calculation you’ve never known about. This is the quintessence of the “calculation question lottery.”

Designers will frequently protect whiteboard animation uk as meritocratic. Any individual who needs to invest months of their life toward conferring calculations to memory can go and land that position at Google.

Also, a greater part of these calculations are as of now touched on as a feature of a software engineering undergrad program.

So what’s the issue?

SEO for Businesses in London UK

In modern world, online business and professional services are of utmost importance and are key to success. SEO services help you in being ahead of the competition. SEO for businesses in London Uk is important for getting extra leads. SEO experts are key in getting good rankings for the business or professional websites. The better overall optimization of your dental website will help you rank higher in Google.

How can SEO be effective for websites of businesses in London Uk?


  • SEO Consultant London work on the professional websites. Both on page and off page side of the websites is properly taken care of. This helps in improving the rankings of the websites. Which in turn result in more enquiries and hence more business.
  • SEO consultant work on the content of the websites. They make sure that the information provided by the website is relevant. This helps the clients to be well informed and saves time and helps in getting target clients and hence increase the revenue in business.
  • SEO specialist make sure that authority of the websites increase. Lots of citations are done and this results in again improving visibility and ranking of the websites resulting in growth in the profession.
  • Businesses in particular need SEO services because of the high competition in their profession. SEO experts keep the businesses ahead of the competition by getting good rankings for the professional websites.


How can you get multiple customers if you have website of your business?


  • New customer will go to Google and search for Business related keywords for his location.
  • He will see the top 5 results on Google for the keyword he has typed in and click on the higher ranked website most of the time.
  • The business website shows up his website and the client will quickly go through.
  • If the SEO consultant has done conversion optimisation effectively, the customer will contact through mail or phone number
  • In the same procedure the new client does the same and the businesses get new clients through his optimized website

Why Choose Online Marketing HQ as SEO Expert for Businesses?


Better and higher ranking on SERPS


Getting higher rankings in the SERPS means easily growing your business and outshining your competitors.


Getting Long Term Return of Investment


Once you invest on SEO Services at ONLINE MARKETING HQ you will definitely build a strong relationship and get long term return on investment you made.


Weekly Reports and Detailed Work


At Online Marketing HQ we give reports to our clients so that they also get to know about the time and effort we are putting to rank client’s property. So you will get detailed work reports and you can keep an eye on every aspect of SEO.


Cost efficient comparing to the market


Our SEO Services are very affordable and even if you having tight budget for investing on SEO, you can still buy SEO from us.


A good website is the key to a successful business enterprise. And a good website is not the only thing, the website should be ranked well so as to give it good visibility. If you are suffering in your business because of poorly ranked websites, SEO Consultant London is there to help you, your business and above all, your website. The SEO experts do a fair amount of work on the quality and the key words in the website. Alan Hudson Magician is our latest client which we helped in gaining ranks within few weeks. So don’t worry contact today and get your website listed on top.

What are the health benefits of seeing an osteopath?

Osteopathy provides a gentle way of relieving pain and stiffness without any need for medication and invasive treatments like surgery. Osteopathy founder Dr Andrew Taylor said that “the only person who cannot benefit from osteopathy is the dead one!” The treatment option has many benefits compared with the other treatment options. Osteopath London practitioners identify, assess and treat the body rhythm and structures using gentle hands on approach. The basic technique is known as osteopathic palpation. Manual practitioners spend many years developing the gentle touch technique which makes the treatment option different from the others.

• Curing pain

The most obvious osteopathy benefit is its ability to treat the pain you experience in a particular way which considers you as a person and your body as a whole. You can effectively use osteopathy to reduce and to cure pain which you experience in different parts of your body. You might walk into an osteopathic clinic with a hurting back and walk out experiencing no pain.

• Minimizing pain resulting from chronic illness

If you are a person suffering a chronic illness such as arthritis, asthma and irritable bowel syndrome, you can highly benefit from osteopathic treatments. Your osteopath can treat you in a way that alleviates all the symptoms even when they cannot cure the disease itself. This is a great advantage especially if the disease causes you to have many symptoms that can prevent you from proceeding with your day to day activities or hobbies. And you shouldn’t allow the disease to affect the quality of your life.

• Disease prevention

After recovering from an acute condition or an injury, you can rely on osteopathy to prevent the disease’s re-occurrence. For instance, if you have just recovered from a period knee pain, an osteopath can work to strengthen all the structures supporting your knees and retaining the mobility in your joints. This prevents you from injuring your knees in a similar manner. Moreover, if you have never experienced any injury, but have a hobby or a lifestyle which puts you on a risk, then you can rely on osteopathy to reduce the injury occurrence. If you are a person who drives for longer periods of time an osteopath can treat you in a way that will prevent you from developing back pain.

• relaxation

Osteopathy provides you with more benefits since it offers you an opportunity to think about your body and yourself. In fact, you will find all your consultations extremely relaxing. Osteopathy is also widely known for reducing stress levels by increasing your body systems efficiency. The body systems include blood flow, the immune system and the nerve supply.

Translating Services for Effective Communication

In the first several years of the twenty first century, the world has smaller, for a lot of reasons; globalization means that people are affected by what happens in the rest of the world wherever we live. Translation services attended to their own; the Internet has given businesses, many new avenues by which conduct business and business dialogues. Thirty years back it was just required to speak another language in case you worked in another country, where a diplomat or worked for the Foreign Service.

English has become more common in several countries, nevertheless now businesses need complete websites in another language. You could talk to many people on all the continents of the world on a regular basis, but technical translations are very different from casual conversation.

All the best authority sites in just about any niche on the Internet have a facility for you yourself to view the internet site in another language. Granted, they do not really necessarily had Farsi the language of Iran, nevertheless they do cater for all your major European languages. Manufacturers need instructions and also guarantees or warranties due to their product in several languages. International film directors need translators because modern DVD’s can be looked at in several languages. In fact, you can find almost as numerous reasons that people need translators as translators! If you are indeed in need of an effective translation service, then look no further then Chang-Castillo Associates.

There are many mechanical translators on the Internet or software translators; unfortunately they give mixed results when used. They could often make limited sense of a paragraph and a typical page and it will provide you with enough of the gist to complete the gaps. Sometimes the results are painful as well as obscene; unfortunately you yourself are not aware of that you may not understand another language.

Now these translation sites have their uses and they will not be knocked, they are often superb at providing you the gist in another language. They do not give accurate enough translations to utilize if you are thinking of going truly global together with your website.

Often, translations are of a complex nature and you will need a person who is truly bilingual to make a truly accurate representation of what you need to say. Worse still, one wrong syllable in the sentence may change an individual word so dramatically that at best the original sense is lost; at worse it is rude or obscene in another context.

Professional translators can be creative, thinking people that can help with a website creation, make a difficult guide or instructions readable, or translate an agreement accurately. When selecting a translation service you need to see what accreditation they have because the most respected translators belong to professional bodies’ like doctors. If they have paid to become a member of these professional bodies you may be sure that they are intent on their craft and also they will participate on training programs. If you are not sure about whether the translators are the best ask the embassies of your country in the languages you need translating to recommend a service. They will almost certainly have lists of accredited translators.

The very first thing that you could expect from a human translator is an accurate translation, because you are paying a fair rate for professional services rather than using a free that will be unfit for purpose. When you hire your translator you could have seen a portfolio of this work and will most likely have a guarantee or warranty. A live translator means satisfaction and no nasty surprises, especially when you have checked their credentials and standing in their local business community.