About Us

Mission Statement

Nruns.com  is an organization that is committed to create an open society whereby business experts can hassle free establish their leadership skills, be able to increase exposure for their organization as well be able to network with other people or clients. We are also committed to offer a balanced view of recent business landscape based on industry news as well as trends. With our organization, you’ll be able to transform your business views to real- life experiences so that you can be able to benefit from them in the long run. Offering our website visitors with new as well innovative offerings such as functionality, whitepapers, webcasts, etc. which not only enhance our contributors but also our audience is not a new thing to us, since we’ve doing it in the past.




James Smith with the technical expertise of his long time friend Dean James Criel, in the year 2010 sought to leverage social media in order to build his own brand via blogging. The blog was successful since it did not take long before it started establishing an audience. This made the blog to gain industrial recognition later.


After several successful months in terms of the functionality as well as the effectiveness of the blog; the blog was recognized as one of the most influential 150 Marketing blogs around the globe. This in the long run resulted in an increased blog requests and site traffic.


James Criel, after being frustrated with the existing blogging society which choose to focus more of their efforts in terms of highlighting the well- established authors or as a result of failing to offer proper author attribution, thereby posing a challenge to connect with the new bloggers, he decide to transform his own blog into a real open online society . With James devoting all his effort on the project, he was successful in the end since the site was able to undergo the first redesign and started accepting original guest posts. By the end of the year 2010, the blog was able to outgrew the label of being a personal blog and started taking the shape as a recognized viable online media property.


The Community Team


James Smith is a professional marketing expert with over ten years of experience on both the agency and client side of marketing. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree, marketing option. James is recently also a member of IBHS i.e. International Business Honors Society.


James started his career by being an intern at the executive search company; whereby he was responsible for maintaining the firm’s resume search database. Basically, the next stop in his career was acquiring more experience in direct marketing while supporting the promotion of conferences as well as legal publications.


Years later, after hustling in several fields in order to cater for his daily needs, James was able to secure a job as a Marketing & Sales Analyst in a company dealing with fans and heaters. It was right in this place that James was able to gain insight in distribution as well as logistics for consumer products.